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Technical Specifications Document "Blueprint"

We build your Compensation Plan using our proprietary “Modeler.”

The Magic MLM BUILDER Wizard

Instant deployment with our proprietary MLM Wizard

The Power of Our Template Websites

Via our ready made Template Wizard, or…

Use Your Own PhotoShop Design

Provide us with your Photoshop PSD file.

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Together Build Your Comp. Plan Using Our “Modeler” With Us


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MLM Consultants Asia MLM Software

You Probably Already Have People Ready and Waiting to Sign-up. Allow Us to Help You…


  • Create your Compensation Plan – “Blueprint“ (critical).

  • Help get your website created with our professional design team.

  • Prepare your literature, order forms, distributor application, etc.

  • Spend a full day consulting with you.

  • Check your final Compensation Plan for errors!

MLM Consultants Asia MLM Software
MLM Consultants Asia MLM Software

You MUST attend our FREE MLM Workshop.

We will discuss, in detail, your PreLaunch Program Presentation and how to fund your new enterprise.

Together we will teach you how to set up your compensation plan, price your products, and, if needed, show you how to fund your entire company start-up, including paying for your corporate MLM Software with our “Prelaunch Program.”

Attend in either: Bangkok, Thailand, Singapore, Manilla Philippines, or Florida, USA.

MLM Consultants Asia MLM Software
MLM Consultants Asia MLM Software

You’ll Learn From the Best of the Best:

MLM Consultant Steve Mommaerts

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FREE MLM Workshop and learn from our 36+ years of experience as the global MLM Consulting and Software company, MultiSoft Corporation.

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+63 906 553 5017

MLM Consulting Workshops and Events

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MLM Consulting Workshops and Events

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MLM Consultants Asia MLM Software